About Us

 At Dubon Floral Design, our first goal is to craft a design that matches your personality and vision. From there, we take extra care in choosing flowers available at their peak quality and use special processes to preserve them to last throughout your event day.


Sara - Lead Floral Designer

"When you give someone flowers, whether it be for a birthday, anniversary or "just because", you are expressing how you feel without using any words. That is truly beautiful."

I have always loved the way flowers make me feel. One of my earliest memories is going with my mom to the coffee fields in El Salvador. I would pass the time by pretending the bright red coffee beans were flower petals and arranging them on the floor to make beautiful "bouquets."

After all this time, my dream of working professionally with flowers never went away. With a lot of love and support from the people closest to me, I made that dream come true and graduated from the Floral Design Institute (FDI) in Portland, Oregon. There, I was triple-certified and can proudly say I'm an FDI-Certified Wedding Floral Specialist.


I would describe myself as:

Fun, creative, energetic and always ready to rock & roll!

Why Floral Design?

I decided to join Sara because I've always enjoyed working and just being with my sister. I also love surrounding myself with beauty and it's amazing to see the transformation that happens when Sara works on an arrangement or installation from start to finish. 

On a wedding day, you'll find me:

Helping to set up at the venue of course, but also staying on top of all the details like making sure we've packed everything we need for the day.


I would describe myself as:

Friendly, gentle, social and I love to laugh.

Why Floral Design?

I have always liked flowers and one of my passions has been to work in floral design. When my sister asked me to work with her, I was so happy! Saying yes has been one of the best decisions I've ever made. Now I can fulfill my dreams and take part in the work I love and enjoy the most.

On a wedding day, you'll find me:

Working along side Sara to set up ceremony flowers and anything else she needs help with. I love that through floral design, I can help make a couple's special day just a little more unforgettable.